Find the Perfect Holiday Gift


‘Tis the season of giving, and you’ve got your “Nice” list” entered into an excel spreadsheet to prove it. You’ve even checked it way more than twice (Santa, you slackin’). Now that you’ve decided who’s made the final cut, the challenge is on to find the perfect gifts. Whether it's for dad, a friend, or even yourself, gift-giving is an art you can master with a bit of generosity, a twinkle of inspiration, and a dash of sensitivity. For those lacking the inspiration part, here are the perfect gifts to give any lad some holiday cheer.

For the High Flyer

This well-traveled guy defies the laws of gravity on a daily basis, so a little bit of frost isn’t going to keep him grounded. life/after/denim’s Bomber Jacket, available in black, navy, and tiger’s eye, will ensure your pilot looks his best. The Sherpa-lined collar alongside Primaloft gold insulation will provide the warmth to compliment a style cleared for take-off.

For the Couch Potato

For the guy who's ideal night is relaxing on the sofa watching Rick and Morty and shouting “I’m pickle Rick!” get with the Pegasus Pant. The herringbone jacquard interlock stitching may not be obvious right off the bat, but, but he’ll definitely appreciate the functional button fly when nature calls and he’s gotta hit pause on the DVR. Style and comfort, rolled right into one handsome piece.

For Your Coworker
(Who Hasn’t Quite Mastered Shared Space Etiquette)

There are many ways to tell a coworker that he shouldn’t be so stingy with his deodorant, but the most delicate way is with the gift of a candle. This season, you don’t have to trek through that overbearingly pungent candle shop to find a gem of a masculine candle, thanks to life/after/denim’s partnership with The Motley.

Our exclusive Woodsmoke Candle earns its name honestly, thanks to fragrant notes of woodsmoke, blood orange, sandalwood, and maple. It’s  designed to evoke feelings of cozying up by the fireplace on a chilly East Coast night. The Evergreen Candle packs notes of juniper, mint, sage, anise, and clove to evoke the fragrance and feeling of an early morning hike through the dewy forests of the Pacific Northwest. Both candles boast a burn-time of 100+ hours, which will be a savior to your office when that guy decides it’s a good idea to microwave his leftover cod in the break room again.

For Yourself

Gift-buying can feel like a grind in and of itself. The hectic parking lots, the mad dashes for bargains, and the same five songs covered by every artist from Bing Crosby to DMX. Arm yourself properly for retail warfare with the two-gifts-in-one Reversible Cattle Coat. Stroke the Sherpa side to calm yourself amidst the holiday chaos, flex the nylon poplin to cut a sleek path through any aisle. You’ve been generous with your loved ones (and not-so-loved-ones); now be generous with yourself.

Happy holidays from all of us at life/after/denim.

StyleJosh Rubin