Go Bold with #Gramworthy Prints

Shop the Twin Palms Shirt and  Harbor Linen Pant

Shop the Twin Palms Shirt and Harbor Linen Pant


As the poet/warrior “Lil Jon” once asked: “Turn down for what?” Turn down for what, indeed. Lowering the volume has never turned heads, and while that might be feel comfortable and advantageous sometimes, it won’t get you likes or followers—on social media or IRL.  

Instead, embrace your inner Tupac, and welcome “all eyez on [you],” letting your fashion lead the charge with #gramworthy prints. Rest assured, we know there’s a fine line between that blazin’ look and straight-sunburnt fry—and we promise not to steer you towards the latter.

Now say hello to our new summer prints: they’re as hot as the temperatures.



Break out your aloha spirit, park a tropical drink in one hand, and brandish your grill tongs in the other. For beach-side hangs scored by the soothing notes of a ukulele, dress up your look with the Twin Palms Shirt and Harbor Linen Pant.

You’ll be transported to full-on vacation mode—breezy linen-cotton blend, two-tone palm frond print, and all. Take off your shoes, sink your toes into the sand, and let your whole body soak in the comfort of beach l-i-v-i-n.



You know that spot—you’ve driven by it countless times, and each time the line snaking around the block is longer than the last. Snap out of your F.O.M.O., button some liquid courage over your chest with the suave Mojito Shirt, step into your Weekend Chinos; and make your mark.

With both parts of your ensemble made from 100% cotton, you’ll stay cool as you wait in line. And don’t be surprised if the hostess mistakes you for—I mean recognizes you as—a VIP (here’s looking at you, Seth Rogen) and ushers you right inside.

Once you get there, your outfit will make every pixel of your post like-worthy.

Shop the  Mojito Shirt

Shop the Mojito Shirt



Summer used to mean a couple months of no responsibilities, but you’ve had to reprogram yourself not to take your foot off the pedal after Memorial Day. Recently, you’ve dodged the obstacles thrown your way, and your pursuit of world-dominations.

Button up the Matador Shirt over a crisp pair of our Harbor Linen Pant for a clean ensemble that’ll olé any bulls trying to knock you off your path.

The suave pineapple and floral motif of the Matador and the relaxed vibes of the Harbor will keep you cool under pressure and at work. And when those victories come rolling in, they’ll help you slide over to celebration mode seamlessly.

Now don’t forget to snap a photo and tag #LADonMe as you show off  your gram-worthy look.

Josh Rubin