Keep Cool Without Compromising Style


Dressing for the summer is a challenge. With crisp mornings and hot afternoons, it's hard to find an outfit that adequately prepares you. Not to worry: Life After Denim has outfits that will keep you cooler than polar bear toenails on hot afternoons, without compromising your style.

Prints & Patterns


Confession time, my daily uniform consists of black t-shirts, dark denim, and a pair of scuffed up Converse. It's an outfit that's far from flashy and allows me to keep a low profile on the fashion radar. However, with summer humidity and scorching temperatures on the horizon, I decided to switch things up. In pure summer form, I wanted a few shirts with pattern/prints that could give me summer vibes without making me look like a tourist. The Short Sleeve Rainforest Shirt is exactly what I was missing. The most significant appeal to The Rainforest Shirt (besides its cool, funky print) is its 100% cotton poplin seersucker material that's both lightweight and durable.

Now, if wearing festive prints isn't your thing, no worries: the Short Sleeve Awning Shirt is another great option. The Awning Shirt includes a relaxed camp collar that will give you cool retro dad vibes along with a single chest pocket to house your sunglasses. When it comes to prints and pattern, it's quite easy to take it a bit too far, so here are a few rules to keep in mind:

Tony wears the  Awning Shirt  and  Castaway Short

Tony wears the Awning Shirt and Castaway Short

  • Never wear print from head to toe. Always incorporate a solid piece to the mix.

  • Keep the prints playful, but also stick to the classics.

  • Don't be afraid to lose the undershirt. Nothing says, "I'm in vacation mode" better than a halfway button-up to let your chest hair breath.

The Basic Tee

The plain tee is the only piece that's essential for every season, but especially summer. When it's hot and you have places to be, you don’t want to waste time deciding what shirt to wear; and why bother when you can choose a comfortable plain tee?  The plain tee is the foundation of every outfit, dressed up or down. What separates the LAD Short Sleeve Tee from the rest is the craftsmanship. The Short Sleeve Tee from LAD is constructed from 100% cotton, with a ribbed collar and slim fit. Looking good doesn't come more naturally than this.


The Linen Shorts

The challenging thing when it comes to shorts is finding a pair that already feels broken in. Nobody wants a pair of shorts that feels stiff and holds heat.  The linen material from the Newcastle Linen Short allows the air to circulate to keep you and your "boys" cool. You will never feel under dressed with these shorts, because they go with virtually everything.  Throw on a polo shirt, a long sleeve button up, or summer blazer for whatever the evening calls for. So give your raw denim the much-needed break and wash it deserves, and bring out the cargo shorts this season.

This summer, make life simple and your style effortless with LAD summer essentials.


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Tony Logan is a fashion journalist and the founder and creative director of Tony Thrifts, his vintage-inspired brand. When he’s not writing or styling, he can be found in a local cafe stealing wifi.

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Tony Logan