Sucker for Seersuckers


Chances are you’ve come across seersucker in your travels. A staple of spring and summer fashion, this thin, puckered, cotton fabric traditionally has a white base with light blue striping;  modern interpretations (like ours!) have incorporated other colors into the seersucker palate.


Seersucker is derived from Hindi words meaning “milk and sugar.”

The term “seersucker” is derived from the Hindi words sheer and shakar (say them together outloud), meaning “milk and sugar.” Brits living in tropical colonies, like India, discovered seersucker, and brought seersucker suits into the fold of Western men’s fashion, calling on the breathability of its 100% cotton weave to stay cool and look refined in brutal heat. From the British colonies to the Americas, the seersucker’s journey has seen it land at the heart of Southern fashion (and Kentucky Derby culture) — most certainly thanks to its ability to combat heat without sacrificing sophistication, but perhaps also because the terms “seersucker” and “milk and sugar” beg to be spoken by a Southern Gentleman, with a proper drawl and a tall glass of sweet iced tea.

This spring, we’re bringing the flavor of the south to your GPS by deconstructing the seersucker suit to fit perfectly into your life.

Whether you’re venturing below the Mason-Dixon line or trying to beat the heat out west with suave style, the Short Sleeve Seersucker Shirt eschews that stifling suit jacket and repackages seersucker in a sleek, short-sleeved package. Two colorways include the traditional white-blue combo, and a bold white-turquoise — for when you want to rock your seersucker flex-i-cution this spring. The seersucker’s puckered texture means you won’t need to iron your shirt when you pull it from your closet. Pull on a pair of our Luna Shorts and crisp white kicks for a handsome, clean, irresistibly charming look to set you on your way for spring. The brushed cotton finishing and ultra-comfortable fit of the Chinos will power your springtime fashion well through Labor Day.


To spice up your shorts game, slip on the Seersucker Short to cover the most valuable third of your body. Don’t skip leg day — with a handsome 6 ¼” inseam,these shorts are for the l/a/ds not afraid to show off a little quad action. The elastic waistband and functional button fly provide supreme comfort to compliment sublime style. Pull on a Short Sleeve Tee, button up the Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt, and step out in your winning cotton ensemble. The Oxford’s yarn-dyed cotton and original fit makes it the perfect traditional compliment to our modern interpretation of seersucker.

When the mercury rises this spring, embrace the style, class, and utility of seersucker to keep you looking and feeling extra cool.

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StyleJosh Rubin