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You’ve finally worked all that green beer from St. Patty’s Day out of your system, and now you’re bracing for the impact of Easter candy. But spring is about more than just junk food and cheap, dyed beer. Let the sun’s return propel you into nature, and bring  your style along for the ride. Introducing life/after/denim’s Luna Short: thanks to its lightweight, 100% cotton twill, and handsome lines, his short is perfect for every spring occasion.


You’re an avid bruncher, and you’ve been waiting all winter for that special question:  “inside or out?” Today, you’re finally ready to flip up your sunglasses, confidently look the hostess in the eye, and say: “out, please.” Cue up your favorite omelet order, and don the Luna Short with the Heather Pique Polo for a solid brunch combo. The soft fabric of the Luna will feel good on your bum, even if those classic bistro chairs aren’t exactly cushy. And you’ll appreciate the easy washability of both the Luna and Heather Pique Polo should a dollop of hollandaise sauce drop into your lap.




You’ve been stuck with your head up your work all winter, and you’re excited to unload with some fire-grilled meats and a few adult beverages. Eschew that full-caveman look with some refined, casual style. The Luna Short’s 9 ½” inseam and slim fit combo, go together like ketchup and mustard. Pair your Luna with a style-forward button down like the Short Sleeve Bamboo Shirt. Complete your ensemble with a pair of limited edition high-tops and a dapper timepiece. If you like a little extra relish on your hotdog, add a pair of aviators, and you’ll be BBQ’ing with the best of ‘em.


You spent much of your golf outing buried in the sand and weeds (if only your golf bag included a shovel and weed whacker). But  even if your game could use some refining, you shouldn’t need a style mulligan. You’ll be happy to distract from your embarrassing high score in the Luna, and any of the impressive colorways — khaki, birch, medium gray, or olive — will compliment the green of the  fairway perfectly. For even more fashion distraction, don the Short Sleeve Mainland Shirt: this 100% cotton dobby button down features a repeating dot pattern in regular fit. You can even earn bonus points by making self-deprecating jokes about how the dot pattern resembles your scattered off the fairway. If you’re worried about a spring squall unexpectedly adding another hazard to your play, zip up the Double Bay Reversible Jacket.


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