Spring Escape to the Land Down Under


You’re lying on a sandy beach. The sun is golden and warm. A breeze tickles your skin. At the edge of the turquoise ocean, waves crash in a gentle rhythm. It’s perfect. Except… Wait, what’s that annoying sound? Beep… Beep… Beep….  Oh no. NOOO!

Your alarm wakes you up to reality. It’s just another freezing morning, and you have to pull on your boots and puffer jacket to battle the commute to the office. But your subconscious is still talking, and who are you not to listen? You grab your phone and start Googling: spring, weather, now. The answer: down under. Time to pack your swimsuit — I mean, bathers — and jet off to the city of perfect beaches: Sydney!


G’day, mate! How ya goin’?

You wake up to the deep blue sky and blinding sunlight.


Much better. You have a huge brekkie, and somehow those folded eggs and flat white coffee washed away the twenty-hour flight. You’re wearing your Mainland Shirt. Its soft cotton weave and subtle pattern inspired by Aboriginal painting say you’re off-duty but still put together. You grab your classic, vintage-inspired Oz Cardigan and head out to hang in the chillest playground in the world.

Starting with old school — because that’s your style — you stroll the cobblestone alleys of The Rocks, Sydney’s oldest neighborhood. Yup, those classy boutiques, courtyards, and market stalls were once jails for transported convicts. Overhead, wooden masts and colonial architecture meet steel beams and modern design.


You wander across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to check out the sick views: skyline, blue water, the Opera House spreading its winged roof. Later, you snap a selfie and sip a cocktail at the Opera Bar as the fiery sun dips into the harbor. Now, this is springtime! You think of your friends shivering at home and grin.

The next day your beach dream becomes reality. You catch the bus to Sydney’s most famous piece of coastline, Bondi Beach. You stretch out on the golden sand near the aquamarine water. You dive into the rock pools and then warm up in your favorite Berkeley Shirt, in seaside colors, and your Bells Beach Hoodie. Its cotton-linen softness makes you consider your options: head over to the surfboard rental and catch a few of those rolling waves, or sip a pint of Victoria Bitter and people-watch for hours. Maybe both. You’ve got heaps of time…

The Bondi Icebergs Pool

The Bondi Icebergs Pool


Bondi was pretty sweet, but today, you’re going to beach like a local and catch the ferry to Manly.

You chug out from Circular Quay into the harbor. You’re breezy and comfortable in your Masaryk Shirt; your perfectly lightweight Corso Crew keeps you warm. Its heathered knit feels like something you’ve always owned, as laid back as the scene around you.


Stepping off the wharf, you’re at The Corso, where barefoot surfers stroll past the street performers and gift shops. Manly Beach is another dream come true, with velvet sand and white-tipped waves curling in one after another…

When the sun goes down, the beachside bars come alive, so you stay for a pint, and another, and maybe one for the road, because those Aussie blokes you just met are your new best mates!

Waking up to a pounding head, you resolve to make better life choices on your last day in Sydney.


But it’s nothing that a green juice and a giant bacon sandwich can’t handle. You clean up for an ultra-posh afternoon in Double Bay.

On the ferry to this ritzy enclave, the cool, spring breeze picks up. So, you slip on your Darlington Cardigan for a classy layer under your Double Bay Reversible Jacket.

Its bomber-style look is retro but modern, the essence of coastal cool.


Strolling past yachts and waterfront mansions, you soak up more elegance at the art galleries and boutiques on Cross Street. Then you dig into upscale deliciousness on one of the chic restaurant patios.

Another stunning sunset — there’s no shortage here — finds you chilling at the sailing club bar on the wharf, watching the boats skim across the water. Maybe you won’t leave... You’ll just text your boss that you’ve gone walkabout. No worries!

The Paddington Reservoir Gardens

The Paddington Reservoir Gardens

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