From Clubhouse to Penthouse


Your home is your place to unpack and unwind, and (like anything, really) it should be personal and well-defined. Sure, channels like HGTV and shows like “Design on a Dime” can be good references, but in reality, no home can be completely transformed in the time of an episode.

There are, however, small things you can do to turn your home from clubhouse to penthouse. Whether you’re having guests over and just want to create a good vibe, or you’re alone, unwinding after work, these easy adds will give your home a personal feel to sink into.


Show off Your Green Thumb

Nothing makes a house a home like a few plants. In addition to purifying and improving the air quality, plants give off positive vibes while creating a restful ambiance. Having (thriving) plants also divulges a lot about your character and speaks volumes to how responsible and caring you are. Plants are like pets, in a sense, but without the hassle of walks or litter boxes and cleaning up sh//.  Placement on bookshelves, your desk, or even wall mounting are great options.

Bring out the Picasso

Having artwork in your house is important—it’s a form of expression that reflects your style, taste, personality, and philosophy. But more importantly, it shows that you value and revere culture. Art can do everything from set the mood, to inspire you, to spark great conversation—especially if you have an anecdote about the piece’s origins or how you acquired it. To get your collection started without cleaning out your wallet, check-out your local thrift stores, local galleries, and even sites like Etsy for hidden gems. Just remember: you’re looking for art pieces that will fit your personality and taste level.

Fill with Fragrance

Don’t forget the importance of scent! A signature fragrance for your home will help personalize your space. If you're looking to create an intimate ambiance, a candle is the obvious go-to; for a longer-lasting scent that you don't have to monitor, an oil diffuser is a great option; and if you're looking for something environmentally friendly, a reed diffuser is a solid choice. When selecting the scent itself, consider what kind of atmosphere you want to create, what benefits you need, and, of course, what you like.  


Tranquil (Peppermint)

Looking for a scent that will give you clarity and peace? Look no further. Peppermint is known to be a natural mood booster. If that isn’t enough, it also helps alleviate headaches, clear muck and pollen from your respiratory tract during allergy season, and combat stress. Let’s be honest: who can be stressed when surrounded by the smell of fresh peppermint? Nobody, that’s who.

Masculine (Hawaiian Sandalwood)

Are you looking to give your place a strong masculine vibe? I recommend incorporating an outdoor fragrance. Hawaiian Sandalwood is woodsy with a sweet honey undertone that’s guaranteed to set a strong vibe. Basically, your home will smell like a bottle of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood cologne... which smells amazing.

Energizing (Lemon)

Sometimes setting five alarms, five minutes apart to get out of bed is simply not enough. You need that extra kick to get you up and moving in the morning, and scent can do the job. Consider keeping a lemon essential oil in your nightstand. The scent of lemon has many health benefits: one is that it will help you sleep better, which in return will give you the energy to get up with your first alarm. You see how lemons bring everything full circle?



Every man is king in his own home, and you should have a kingdom worth bragging about. So sit on your throne, throw on a Sinatra record, and toast to having a swanky crib.


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