On Vacation in Edinburgh


Part 3 of our 10th Anniversary Destination: Great Britain series.

Edinburgh: the capital of Scotland and an influential stop on our designers’ 2019 Great Britain Inspiration Tour. Pronouncing it might be a bit confounding (Ed-in-burr-ow), but the city itself is pretty spectacular. So if you find yourself in Scotland, be sure to venture to Edinburgh for a day (or more, if you’re lucky). Fuel up on some haggis and grouse, and then conquer Scotland’s capital l/a/d-style. 


Edinburgh Castle

Consider this stop Edinburgh 101: basic, but necessary. Home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny—both used in the coronation of every Scottish ruler—it’s one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions for a reason; now shut up and play the hits. The oldest part of the castle dates back to the 12th century and, not surprisingly, it has been an important part of Scottish history ever since. Castle-worthy style don our Tartan Shirt, available in a handsome array of colors. The classic tartan pattern—born in 3rd century Britain—has timeless appeal and will give your visit an added touch of authenticity.

Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh


Arthur’s Seat

Don’t go looking for a literal throne: Arthur’s Seat, a short mile from Edinburgh Castle, is an ancient volcano located in Royal Park; it’s also the highest point in the city. Arthur’s Seat, as the name suggests, has oft been considered a possible location for King Arthur’s Camelot. Robert Louis Stevenson described it as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design.” If it’s good enough to gain the attention of R.L.S., it’s good enough for you and your Instagram followers. When you’re snapping those selfies, don the Marylebone Shirt (in Black or Covent Garden) to make sure you’re as picturesque as your surroundings. Made from 100% cotton jaspe, the Marylebone will highlight your rugged side while keeping you soft to the touch for your romantic travel companion or foreign fling.

Edinburgh City Center

Edinburgh City Center

Edinburgh’s Walking Tours

Sleepy walking tours be damned: no matter your personality, Edinburgh has a thrilling walking tour for you. Are you all about enjoying UK booze? Pop in to one of the several whiskey-walking tours and learn a bunch of things about whiskey. If you identify more with Gryffindor House and want to walk the streets that inspired J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter.” If you’re into illicit undergrounds, find yourself a tour that explores Edinburgh’s prolific vaults and chambers, which once housed illegal gambling dens and subterranean workspaces for tradesmen. Choose a good tour, and you’re sure to see Edinburgh from a unique perspective.


Edinburgh Fringe 

If you’re lucky enough to get to Scotland in August, you won’t want to miss this fest. Every August for three weeks, the Scottish City welcomes musicians, comedians (strong emphasis here), actors, and performers from around the world to perform. Think of it as Coachella for the kooky theater/comedy crowd. Founded 72 years ago, the festival has featured performances by the likes of Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Eric Andre, Rowan Atkinson, Dudley Moore, Ricky Gervais, and many more. The Fringe Festival was created as counter programming for the Edinburgh International festival, but has arguably eclipsed its bougie counterpart and has become a can’t-miss. For a fashion can’t-miss, walk into the venue wearing the Shepherd's Check Shirt in 100% cotton herringbone flannel.

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