#WanderLAD: Asheville, NC

So you made it past the dreaded Monday, and yet for some reason you woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. We feel ya. You're stuck at your desk and now more than ever, the day seems to be dragging on. At this point, your mind starts to wander...and we want to wander with you.

This week, let's pack our bags and get lost in…
Asheville, NC.

Now that's a view. Come up for air in Asheville. There's something unexpected around every bend. It’s known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture, including the dome-topped Basilica of Saint Lawrence and the vast 19th-century Biltmore estate, displaying artwork by masters like Renoir. And just so you know, Asheville is home to the United States National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), the world’s largest active archive of weather data if you’re into that sort of stuff (we don’t judge).

This city is also known for its many acclaims. In 2015, The Huffington Post named Asheville as one of “The 9 Most Romantic Cities in the South” and “the hippie capital of the South.” Also, this city was named one of “America’s Best Beer Cities” by Conde Nast Traveler in 2015. If you’re more of the outdoors-type, during autumn season, Asheville and the surrounding mountains are popular when fall foliage peaks in October. Pass through the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway that runs through the area and near the Biltmore Estate.

A significant element in the tourism-based economy of Asheville and the surrounding area is live music. Asheville hosts seasonal festivals and have numerous nightclubs and performance venues that offer opportunities for visitors and locals to attend a wide variety of live entertainment events. And we thought Asheville sounded boring and isolated. Boy were we wrong.

(via Explore Asheville)

Team LAD