Stockist Shoutout: The QG

QG is short for “Quinntessential Gentleman”. From a luxe four-chair grooming shop to it's now-expanded men's and women's boutique, the QG is a one-stop shop for everything dapper. The store opened its doors  in 2005 with the intent to reinvent the barbershop experience. The owner’s vision was to change the landscape of a man’s hair-cutting experience by merging the best of the old techniques with the latest equipment and technology.

The store owner, Craig Martin, quickly realized how clients enjoyed the social experience of just being at QG, not only focusing on the impact a client’s new look made them feel. Martin immediately began to focus on how to perpetually refine the original concept, but additionally exploring unique ways that QG could help clients look and feel their best without losing their original formula of meshing the old with the new. Heartwarming fact, the store name was derived from his mother’s maiden name, “Quinn,” who passed away from cancer and was a tremendous influence in his life.

In 2014, with Martin’s new profound idea in mind, the QG Classic Department Store was launched, bringing a new experience, service or retail to each floor of their 6 floor building at 31 South Calvert Street.

Martin’s mission is to bring the QG to men and women who appreciate the finer things, and to be a place where they can call their home away from home. And just so you know, Martin’s store concept began when he told his father that he should try and get a barber for the locker room of his golf club. His father thought that his idea was absurd, but luckily for us, Craig decided to ignore his opinion. It’s time to enjoy the QG Life. You’ve earned it.

31 South Calvert Street | Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Team LAD