Stockist Shoutout: Stripe MEN

Stripe MEN opened in March 2012. The brother to Stripe, it features clothing, gifts and distinctive accessories of a masculine, yet refined sensibility. From the coolest leather dopp kits to vintage-inspired cufflinks, this is our best-kept secret to finding the most amazing gifts this holiday season. The setting is an ever evolving canvas, a creative den of curiosities.

Co-owner Dana Norrell said, “We specialize in super small, San Francisco, Portland, New York, Los Angeles boutique design house labels which I think makes it extra special.” This shop nabbed and expanded on the boyishness of its sister store, Stripe, located two doors down their location. Stripe Men left behind baby and women’s clothing, while less traditionally gendered items like picture frames, can be found in both locations.

The flagship store, Stripe, was founded three years before Stripe Men opened by Dana Norrell and Suna Lock who met at Toadal Fitness, where Norrell worked after getting her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at UC Santa Cruz. When Norrell shared her sketchbooks of ideas to Lock, Lock was speechless and said to her that this is exactly what she wanted do. From then on, Lock took a second mortgage out on her house to get a small business loan, and both women “juggled some funds and family loans” to get first store going.

Norrell tries to maintain accessibility for a diverse clientele by offering items for all price ranges. Her biggest fear is that people walk into the store and think, “I can’t afford anything” and then want to leave. Stripe MEN was founded because Norrell and Lock felt that Santa Cruz was missing a genuine local men’s store in the midst of corporate retailers, and wanted to fill that void.

So next time you’re there, just tell them life/after/denim sent you.

117 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Team LAD