Stockist Shoutout: Old North

Established in 2012, Old North focuses on Classic & Contemporary Men's and Women's Clothing. It was founded by husband and wife duo Jack Roche and Wren Kelley. The pair dreamt of bringing back the experience of shopping locally and offering an exceptionally curated shopping experience. Guys, this store is pretty straight-up cool. The best selection of items in a beautifully-merchandised space. This store focuses on raw/selvedge denim, boots, and shirting.

Roche and Kelley proudly pride themselves in bringing back a full customer service model and they are there to be of service. Before opening the store, Roche and Kelley seem to have lived a hundred different lives before opening their store. They’ve worked in the service industry – Roche worked for a spell at Lucasfilm, and they were both working as tattoo artists in Los Angeles when a friend of theirs, Blair Lucio, was setting up his own store. After the couple learned the ins and outs of setting up a denim shop from Lucio, they packed their bags and moved across the country.

Old North takes a more boutique approach, and cycle in a variety of styles weekly and monthly. Upon opening the store in early 2013, Roche said, “Asheville’s really a kind of gypsy heritage suspender folky kind of town, I’m hoping that people will grow into it.” Well let’s just say, they have come a long way, and wow, have they become local favorites. Located in the equally-cool city of Asheville, NC, it's where you want to go to dress, well, cool.

Team LAD