Stockist Shoutout: ID Menswear

ID Menswear is a smart New York boutique selling an array of men's shirts, jackets & other menswear essentials. The cement-floored store focuses on hard-to-find international labels, and the exotic threads share shelf space with goods by local designers. It’s really one of the only places where you can buy both a bow tie and a pair of Persol sunglasses.

Our friend and co-owner of ID Menswear, Phurbu Tsamchoe, thinks New York men are too limited when it comes to shopping. To her, it’s either a high-end chic store or H&M that are available to NY men looking for more variety when it comes to choosing their wardrobe. As a result, her venture, ID, was established to address this problem of two options and hopes to provide local boys with a shopping middle ground.

This local hotspot was so popular, they had to open another one down the street in Williamsburg's main stroll. It's really the only fully-curated men's store in Brooklyn and a great one at that. So check them out if you’re ever in New York, and tell them life/after/denim said ‘hello’.

232 Bedford Ave | Brooklyn, New York 11211

107 North 5th St | Brooklyn, New York 11249

Team LAD