Put This In Your Mouth: Full of Life Flatbread

The best gourmet pizza ever. Located in Los Alamos, California, Full of Life Flatbread is at the heart of Central Coast wine country where some of the region’s best winemakers leave their tasty bottles behind the bar. But with so many options, you may not have the time to choose the right bottle before orders are taken. All ingredients from this gem of a restaurant come from their on-site organic garden which you can wander through after dinner. Also, the Alamo Hotel right next door is an awesome boutique hotel we'd recommend you stop by.

If you are willing to make the drive there, we highly recommend trying the pepperoni-and-peppers pizza. This pizza is different from your conventional pizza; puffy at the edges and a lack the interior hole structure that rivals of a more yeasty and robust pizza. For cautious foodies, this pizza includes nitrite-free pepperonis that look like they are mimicking large frisbees. For added flavor, Full of Life slices and roasts poblanos, red onions, and use a hefty handful of mozzarella with a big splash of organic tomato sauce underneath to finish their masterpiece. No better time for a road trip.

(via LA Weekly)

Team LAD