Put This In Your Mouth: Compartés' Apple Pie Truffles

These limited edition truffles are handmade every day by a small team of chocolatiers using fresh natural ingredients from local farmer’s markets in Los Angeles. Compartés Chocolatier is an organic chocolate company that makes small batch hand-crafted chocolate out of Los Angeles. This company has been around since the 1950’s, but owner Jonathan Grahm has revamped the brand identity.

The Melrose Place store offers a wide selection of Grahm’s specialty chocolate bars (around 30 flavors of truffles) and a wall displaying the brand’s signature love nuts (varieties of chocolate-covered nuts) on 24-karate-gold-plated shelves. They all feature packaging he designed himself, with pictures of dolphins, geometric shapes, unicorn heads, hieroglyphics, and many more.

Grahm, who has been a chocolatier for Compartés Chocolatier since he was 21, designed the Melrose space himself. On the floor, subway tiles are inset with triangulare black and white tiles to form larger triangles. Grahm’s goal was to mimic the custom triangle print on his chocolate bars throughout the space.

The featured post, the Apple Pie Truffles, is a white chocolate made of 36% cacao. Upon eating this chocolate, it will taste like your simple Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme, but as you finish, it tastes like apples and cinnamon. This chocolate bar is sweet, and it screams HOLIDAY.

Most chocolate companies use conveyor belts and machinery that pipes the chocolate in through a chocolate waterfall. Compartés Chocolatier doesn’t do any of that. Compartés Chocolatier is a unique chocolate brand unlike any other, creating chocolates that are just as delicious as the stunning visuals they are wrapped in. Can we just say we love the plaid print on these “haut chocolates!”

Team LAD