Put This In Your Mouth: Blueberry Basil Donut


Donut feel guilty chowing down on these delicious treats (pun intended). Every country in the world has its beloved version of sweetened fried dough, but we in LA have Blue Star Donuts. Their donuts are made from a classic brioche recipe from southern France include a blueberry donuts with bourbon and basil, Valrhona chocolate crunch filled with vanilla custard, and a Valrhona dark chocolate ganache with strawberries.

The batter is made fresh daily with ingredients like sustainable bread flour, cage-free eggs, whole milk, and European-style butter, which they allow for it to ferment and rise over night. The following day, Blue Star fries the batter in rice oil at low temperatures, ensuring that they absorb less oil, making them less greasy than most normal doughnuts. Finally, Blue Star injects and coats them with delicious artisanal glazes and fillings like fresh fruit, vanilla beans, powdered sugar, and French dark chocolate.

Blue Star Donuts’ co-founder Katie Poppe was recently honored and named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Portland chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. Poppe’s business partner, Micah Camden, has been collaborating with her since 2009, and has an entrepreneurial zeal and sharp palate that has matured and thrived in the Pacific Northwest. Poppe’s strong passion for making high-quality, reasonably priced food, compliments her partner-in-crime’s wild culinary creativity.

This Venice Beach shop opened to a full roster of old favorites, as well as a handful of Cali-only doughnuts. Co-owner Camden said he plans on “running off what [he] thinks to be quintessential L.A. flavors: oranges, olives, alcohol…” Camden also said, “One doughnut will be a play on ‘as American as apple pie,’ with apple pie filling and white cheddar powder on the outside.” So donut skip out on Blue Star Donuts (i know, we promise that this is the last pun we’ll make). Go today

Team LAD