Put This In Your Mouth: Bar Jackalope

Bar Jackalope is a Japanese whiskey bar featuring American bourbons, ryes and Scotch in the back room of Seven Grand in downtown Los Angeles. “Bar Jackalope is the inspired interpretation of all of the great bars we visited in Japan this past year," said Seven Grand general manager Andrew Abrahamson. The seasonal cocktail menu builds its foundation on freshly squeezed juice and house-made syrups. For your information, the bar only serves whiskeys in three ways: Neat, Old-Fashioned, and Japanese Highball.

This Los Angeles gem exists to be an educational stop for whiskey lovers and connoisseurs alike. This well-stocked whiskey bar is a great place for conversations and for palatable whiskey tasting. Bar Jackalope boasts a large inventory of more than 120 different American bourbons and ryes, Scotch and Japanese whiskies, including many rare and cult brands like Pappy Van Winkle and Four Roses Limited Edition.

Bar Jackalope also offers special memberships that you make you feel like a VIP. Starting at $250, Bar Jackalope allows storage for your own special bottle of whiskey, grants you access to the bar at whatever capacity, priority reservations for spots, and a private bar cart with ice, glassware, and drinks.

If you get there, the bar has its own entrance which requires for you to look for a light switch button to get in and not a door handle. Once you press the button, you’ll get instructions in both Japanese and English, which is a concept and a homage to entrances in whiskey bars located in Japan. Pretty nifty, isn’t it?

Team LAD