LADs We Love: Victor Ross II


We've gotta give another shoutout to one of our own. Aside from making our clothes look damn good as our model, Victor Ross II is an artist, poet, photographer, and all-around awesome dude. Sorry folks...there's really nothing wrong with this guy.

Ross is a model, artist and poet, publishing many of his writings through and gaining notoriety through his agency, LA Models. Raised in a rural town outside of Kansas City, Missouri, Ross was itching for a city life at a young age and after graduating high school, contemplated making the drastic change.

In 2000, Ross was scouted at a model search near his hometown and it was then that he knew to make this potentially difficult career path his profession. Choosing the vibrant city of Los Angeles as his new residence was an easy decision and by January 2005 Ross made The Golden State his new home. Success came easy and early on, making appearances in various national and international ad campaigns, gracing the pages of some of the most prominent magazines, and being featured in numerous commercials and music videos, Ross has made his mark on this rewarding and fascinating industry.

Accomplishing many triumphs within modeling and fashion, art and poetry have become fulfilling and powerful outlets to such a bustling vocation. Participating in art shows throughout LA, photographing still life on many of his travels, and writing in his spare time have all become a second career to Ross who hopes to open an art and photography studio later on in life. For now, he focuses much of his time on his beautiful son River and while he’s always on the look for new musings, he still reverts to the likes of Walt Whitman and Jackson Pollocks for inspiration.

(via Victor Ross)

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