LADs We Love: The Motley's Matt Ruggieri


Speaking of entrepreneurs...Matt, the co-founder of The Motley, is one of our favorites. Aside from having the pleasure of working with him on our holiday candle collaboration, he's really just good people. Ruggieri left his job in the music industry and seized the opportunity to start up an ecommerce website dedicated to delivering high-quality grooming products for men.

Ruggieri's inspiration for launching a men’s grooming ecommerce came from his hunting for higher quality grooming products and not being able to find any outside of hidden nooks in department stores. After his realization, Ruggieri saw an opportunity and immediately started researching products, ingredients, and skin care. From help with his sister, Madison, Ruggieri launched his online store, The Motley, out of his loft located in downtown Los Angeles.

Madison Ruggieri joked that they had boxes of product everywhere, from dresser drawers to a coffee table. Madison left her job in film production to collaborate with her brother on their editorial-driven store that not only sells great products, but does so with useful how-to’s and tips. When Madison joined her brother, their bathrooms quickly became test labs for products they were considering for the store and between the both of them, they tried almost every men’s grooming product on the market.

Matt Ruggieri graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts and did not expect his career going in the direction that it is going right now. Although he is a filmmaker at heart, he has been keeping a journal since 2007, writing everything down to remind him how lucky he is for being able what he does on a daily basis. So there's really no better place for all your men's grooming needs than The Motley. Look no further, The Motley is here.

Team LAD