LADs We Love - Steven Izen

After learning that his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Steven Izen realized the necessity of staying balanced through hard times as well as good times. He created Lokai, a bracelet that mirrors life’s ebbs and flows based on the pretense that life is circular, riddled with ups and downs and highs and lows.

With a wearable reminder, Izen is able to share that message with the world. Some of his products feature beads with mud fillings from the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth) and water fillings from Mount Everest (the highest point on Earth).

Izen founded his company when he was full-time student attending Cornell University, running on Cornell’s varsity track team, and being an active member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity. At Cornell, he learned the crucial skill of time management when he was juggling between school and his business.

He prepared calendars and set a reasonable time for his tasks and commitments to be accomplished. He claimed that attending school provided an academic setting of a safety net, and took full advantage of the flexibility available for him to grow.

Anxious to start his business, Izen felt it was best to wait and decided to wait a full 4 years before launching his product. Izen wanted the product to be finalized before being sold and wanted the product to go hand-in-hand with his strategic plan.

Izen’s mentor, Calum “Cal” Turvey, a professor of Agricultural Finance in Cornell’s Dyson School, helped Izen bounce ideas back and forth while attending school. Izen’s constant strive for success and push for delivering his powerful message is what makes him this week’s LADs We Love.

Team LAD