LADs We Love: Mike Seehagel


We've been on a bit of a wanderlust frenzy lately, if you haven't noticed. In the midst of it all, we started following a ton of awesome travel/adventure photographers on Instagram. Some of the most stunning winterscape images we've seen have come from Mike Seehagel. He’s one of the founders of Great North Collective, which features stories of travel and nature.

As a social community, Great North Collective seeks to inspire travelers with beautiful photos of nature set in the backdrop of Canada. Occasionally, photographers from other parts of the world take part in the journey and have shared the ways they stay inspired and creative while on the road.

While we're not complaining about this sunny weather over here in LA, his photos have definitely made us occasionally cruise the flight prices to Canada (or wherever else in the world that these photographers choose to take us). Just check out Mike’s photos of the beautiful and pristine Canadian mother nature. Then you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

Team LAD