LAD's Best Kept Secret: Charlie's Bar, Copenhagen / Bar Juniper, Osaka

You've seen our shirts and you've seen our chinos, but what about the team behind it all? Not to brag, but we're pretty damn cool...and we'd like to share with you some of the equally as cool places, meals, drinks, & things we're crazy about right now. Each week, one of our team members will share with you their 'Best Kept Secret'. Lucky you.

"The best bar I had the fortune of walking into and stumbling out of is actually a tie between Charlie's Bar in Copenhagen and Bar Juniper in Osaka. In terms of appearance and ambiance, they couldn’t be less alike. The former is a neighborhood pub with a wide selection of British and Danish ales on tap (served in pewter mugs upon request), and a place to seamlessly work your way into a conversation about topics as wide ranging as Danish black metal and healthcare reform. The latter is a refined Japanese bar (carpeted, in fact) specializing in gin and gin cocktails, and helmed by owner, bartender, and gin connoisseur Osamu Takahashi." –Daniel L, Brand Manager

Team LAD