ICYMI: Top 10 Coolest Gadgets at CES 2016

Top 10 Coolest Gadgets at CES 2016 // For the second week of every January, Las Vegas undergoes a peculiar transformation from the gambling capital of America into the stage for the latest and greatest in all the boundary-pushing, jaw-dropping consumer technology that mankind has to offer, thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Our favorites include:

Cota by Ossia Wireless Charging: Much like the misplaced term “hoverboard,” wireless charging has never meant a truly wire-free experience, requiring you to place your device on a charging platform to charge. The revolutionary Cota wireless charging system turns this on its head by permitting the transfer of up to 1 Watt of energy through the air to your device. Here, a module transmits power to a microchip, which is either embedded into your device, into a charging case that you can snap onto your phone, or into batteries that can be used as normal. While the fledgling technology can only charge four times slower than conventional wires, a future of devices that never have to be plugged in is one that we can definitely accept.

BMW AirTouch: Moving onto another contactless technology, BMW demonstrated its AirTouch concept in its next-generation i8 Spyder, where the user essentially gestures and waves in the direction of a dashboard screen to control it. While the lack of the tactile sensation of scrolling on a dial or even tapping a touchscreen may be more disorienting than not at first, we can envision this technology trickling down to more suitable environments such as controlling your TV without a remote — or at least in any setting where bumps in the road will not mess up your selection. With its many potential applications and untapped potential, this is definitely one technology we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

(via Hypebeast)

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