ICYMI: The World's First Robot-Run Farm

The Japanese lettuce production company Spread believes the farmers of the future will be robots. Instead of relying on human farmers, the indoor Vegetable Factory will employ robots that can harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce every day. Indoor vegetable farming already has many benefits in terms of cultivation, managing hygiene and

The company’s goal is sustainable farming. The three elements that Spread seeks to achieve includes producing safe food in a stable manner, securing stable profits as a business and lastly, preserving global resources and the environment. It’s a big stride forward, and the company believes it has overcome major agricultural issues posed by Japan’s weather and vegetable market.

Products are packaged and sealed immediately after harvest, stored in a refrigerator until ready for shipment. Four types of greens are already out in over 2000 Japanese markets. Keep an eye out for further expansion of the company! Because even though Spread recognizes its limits in solving food problems, its goal remains to provide as many people as possible with fresh vegetables made through sustainable means.

Team LAD