ICYMI: Tattoo Video Mapping


Watch these models tattoo’s come to life with the world’s first live tattoo video mapping event hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. This event was hosted by Oskar & Gaspar, a collective of visual arts and multimedia professionals who have specialized in the fields of video mapping, 3D projection, and stage design. The collective adapts their projects to a multitude of settings, including installations, stage design, and corporate events.

This form of art can be traced backed to 2011 when Paris-based artist K.A.R.L. claimed to have created the first animated tattoo, which he photographed with a smartphone. But in this particular event, with the use of a projector, the hosts make bare skin look as if it’s covered in intricate designs, and make ink, that already exists, come to life. The event was the first of its kind, and it was executed without post-production, resulting in a visually stunning series of animated corporeal art. For them, every new project is a challenge, a chance to blow their audiences away with dazzling 3D contents, and to make a splash with individuality of their work.

During the event, Oskar & Gaspar feature an array of models with various tattoo styles with the media production team rending unique animations for each subject. Standouts in the short film include a portrait tattoo of Salvador Dali that comes to life with a twitch of his mustache and eyebrow, and a demonic gargoyle chest piece that appears more menacing than ever with ember-like eyes and a flickering serpentine tongue.

Are you still considering getting a tattoo but are a little gun-shy? Watch this mesmerizing clip of this new technology that projects ink onto your skin without the permanence.

(via HypeBeast)

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