ICYMI: Simon Beck Snow Art

Who says snow can’t be your canvas? Traveling all over the world, artist Simon Beck creates gigantic patterned snow circles on frozen lakes outside of ski runs. Beck, who is an Oxford University graduate with a degree in engineering, left his office job to become a cartographer, but fate would have it that he got inspired and drew a star on a small frozen lake after a day of skiing, and from that point, Star Art was born.

Beck uses his combination of geometrical and orienteering brilliance, physical endurance, and pure creativity to craft stunning large scale art installations using snowy mountain landscapes. His only tools include a pair of snowshoes to use as his brushes and a compass. Beck also relies on his athleticism, walking almost up to 30 kilometers for one art creation, and passionately is drawing on the field for up to 10 hours at a time. 

So how does he do it?

  1. Beck starts his artistic process with careful selection of his location - a flat surface such as a frozen lake or snowfield within a ski hill is ideal, with a new fall of fresh snow. He then plans out his chosen design on graph paper.
  2. Once in the field, he surveys the site and judges where the core points of the design should be, and starting at one of those points, walks to the center of the design.
  3. From that central point, he calculate the distance to the core design points, walking back out to each of them, counting the number of steps he needs to take. 
  4. He composes the drawing using a series of lines, arcs and curves, using his compass to determine the exact angle of each one.
  5. Finally, he completes his design using intricate snowshoe steps as shading tools.

(via Youtube)

Team LAD