ICYMI: Seattle's Best New Breweries of 2015

This week we're doing a special shoutout to our lads over in Seattle. Despite the naysayers, it’s pretty obvious that Seattle is the number one beer city in America. In fact, there are so many new places opening up all the time it can be tough to keep track of them all, but that’s where we come in. Let's talk about some of the spots the LAD team stopped by at the last time we were in Seattle:

Rooftop Brewing Company: This tiny original location was closed almost a year before this much bigger, and rooftop patio-equipped space down the street was ready. The taproom has 10 taps pouring a rotating selection of at least 13 brews, including a pair of IPAs (Stargazer and Coffee), a couple of pales, and... youguessedit!... at least two porters, as well.

Sumerian Brewing Co.: Opened near Redhook, and employing a brewer who got his start at Redhook, Sumerian will still make you feel worlds away from Seattle’s biggest craft brewer, not only thanks to incredible beers (try the American-style Narcissism IPA), but also because the refined yet comfortably rustic taproom is the opposite of what you’d expect to find in an exurban office park.

Anderson School Brewery: The only brewery on this list that doesn’t have a taproom per se, but what it does have are the various restaurants/bars inside Bothell’s Anderson School, a stunningly ambitious renovation of an old, well, school by prolific PDX crew McMenamins. The School’s 10-barrel brewing system is located in part of the old wood shop, as is what’s probably the best place to drink said beer: the appropriately named Woodshop bar, where there is plenty of pub food, a huge spirits selection, a bunch of bar games, and of course a handful of house-made beers.

So next time you’re in Seattle, stop by these awesome breweries and try out their IPAs, and bring us one...if it isn’t trouble. 

(via Thrillist)

Team LAD