ICYMI: Red Bull Kaleidoscope

Red Bull is famously known for its energy drinks along with that unforgettably catchy motto, “Red Bull Gives You Wings!” Since Red Bull first launched in 1987, the company has recently ventured into sponsoring action sports and athletes alike. Not only was their motto going to have literal meaning, but also figurative meaning. With the highest-selling energy drink in the world, Red Bull has spurred into one of the most lucrative and premier sponsors of action sports world.

A little background on freestyle BMX–it is an extreme sport descending from BMX racing that consists of five disciplines: street, park, vert, trails, and flatland. In 1974, Devin and Todd Bank originated the sport in their backyard of their home in West Los Angeles, California with an eight foot tall skateboard ramp they built. From 1980 to 1987, the sport of BMX freestyle was at its zenith, with 1987 reaching the highest peak in popularity. The sport saw a decline in popularity in the 1990s, but as of recent, the sport has been making a resurgence in action sports worldwide and Red Bull has been a part of reviving the BMX action sport.

In this particular venture, Red Bull has teamed up with one of the most unique BMX riders of his generation, Kriss Kyles, to give you this incredibly creative video. The video features a brief story about Kyles’ upbringing, his passion for BMX, and a couple of his awesome tricks on a beautiful BMX course built by Red Bull. The blog post also features different interactive elements including behind the scenes of the mini-documentary by Red Bull and a chance to interact with the BMX course, literally.  

Sponsored by Sony, Kyles also uses the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium camera to take you through the lens and give you a unique experience. Red Bull’s Kaleidoscope webpage allowed Kyles to shoot various camera angles on different parts of the BMX course that was built for him to ride on. Hang onto your helmets for this thrilling and imaginative course. It might make you see things a little differently.

Team LAD