ICYMI: Forget Succulents – These Floating Plants Are All The Rage

Move over succulents, there's a new trendy houseplant in town — the Air Bonsai. Unlike ordinary potted plants, the Air Bonsai uses hidden magnets that actually suspend your plant in mid-air. The opposite charges create the illusion of a floating plant, or “little star,” that hovers over an “energy base.” Made by Hoshinchu, a small company based in Kyushu, Japan, the device allows the tiny trees or shrubs to become little avatar-like worlds that float in the air.

Hoshinchu launched a Kickstarter campaign in January for the Air Bonsai, and in less than four days it raised $200,000, surpassing its initial goal by $120,000. The potted greenery doesn’t come cheap, however, as the basic DIY set starts at $200 dollars. Furthermore, more elaborate designs that include more unique pots and plants are available but, unfortunately, are only limited to Japan. Those who contribute $10,000 will get an expenses paid trip to the company’s workshop in Japan in addition to an Air Bonsai trip.

Regardless of what type of plant you get, this little “star” is sure to bring you many good blessings.

Team LAD