Good Tunes Tuesday: Tobias Jesso Jr. – Without You


Tobias Jesso Jr. is a Canadian musician hailing from North Vancouver, British Columbia. Before writing pop hits for Adele and Sia, in the middle of 2012, he bottomed out.

Coming to Los Angeles in pursuit of a solo musical career, his luck was missing in action and he was failing. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he biked his way home until a Cadillac blindsided him and sent him flying, smashing his hand on the car’s hood ornament. After the driver sped off, Jesso looked down and saw a large gash on his hand with lots of blood in utter disbelief. The following day, as Jesso wondered if his hand would ever work again, he received the news that his mother got cancer. That was it. Jesso moved back to his home in North Vancouver, feeling lost and dejected, thinking he was a failure.

With his music equipment left in storage back in Los Angeles, he had to resort to his sister’s abandoned piano, an instrument that he never took seriously. It was then that Jesso found his strong suit and penned songs for big names like Adele and Sia. After collaborating with Adele and Sia, Jesso Jr. is now attempting to make a name for himself. He recently released a solo album called “Goon” in 2015.

His new album, Goon, was produced by the Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney, JR White, and Ariel Rechtshaid. During his youth growing up in Lynn Valley, Canada, he was awe when he first heard “Gimme One Reason” by Tracy Chapman and inspired him to become the musician he is today. Some say this guy is the modern Harry Nilsson. We’ll let you be the judge. Listen on our Spotify playlist.

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