Good Tunes Tuesday: Miike Snow – Heart is Full


Ah Miike Snow, we’ve missed you. Miike Snow formed in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Band members Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg were childhood friends who spent a great amount of time playing in bands. Karlsson toured with The Fugees when he was a member of the Swedish hip-hop band Goldmine. While working on writing a pop album for Britney Spears in 2004, Karlsson and Winnberg met the third band member, American songwriter Andrew Wyatt, who had previously attended music school, studying classical and jazz music.

The band name, “Miike Snow” is said to have come from one of their friends named Mike Snow. The spelling of “Miike” does not derive from Japanese film director Takashi Miike, contrary to suggestions or statements to the converse. Winnberg stated, “When we sat down to come up with a name, one of us got an email from a mutual friend by the name, Mike Snow. We liked it and added the extra ‘i’ because we liked the look of it.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wyatt was asked what is the message trying to be sent in this record. Wyatt stated, “I think as a whole, there’s the idea that we want to make music that’s joyous and imaginative, but not containing the materialistic or shallow side that can invade pop music.” He went on to say, “We try to put something that’s thoughtful or humane into pop songs, then we kill it with a hook.”

So far, the Swedish trio have debuted three albums since they first formed in 2007. Their most recent album, iii, is slated to be available around March 2016 for their fans to hear. To promote the album’s release date, they released a new single called, “Heart is Full,” and of course, we are loving it. Take a listen on our Spotify playlist.

Team LAD