Good Tunes Tuesday: Majid Jordan – Something About You

Canadian duo Majid Al-Maskati and Jordan Ullman of Drake's notorious OVO label are up-and-comers and we've had our eyes (and ears) on for a while now. Guess you could say there's something about them.

Al-Maskati and Ullman came together when they met while attending the University of Toronto. They previously worked on Drake’s hit song, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” in 2013, and Drake is going to be the sole guest appearance on their new album, Majid Jordan, set to be released in early 2016.

About working with Drake, Al-Maskati said in an interview with Highsnobeity, “It was eye opening to see how his team operates. We were at this studio called Metal Works and there were a bunch of producers in different rooms. Drake would sort of come into each one and listen to what they were creating. We were really just working together as a team to produce a really great album.”

They often been thought of purely in the context of Drake and OVO. “Our sound really varies and the more we work with each other the more our music becomes a conversation between Jordan and I,” continues Al-Maskati. “We sit down in the studio and just build off of each other. I’m excited for people to hear that.”

A big aspect of finding their own sound is making songs without any samples. Ullman says, “a lot of our process is just Maj and I going in and cutting a track and remixing it the next day and then the next day and then we just keep going deeper and deeper and deeper. It’s like a purgatory of the Majid Jordan sound -- a place where everything finally feels cohesive and timeless.” Whatever they are doing, they are hitting all the marks. Take a listen to the duo on our Spotify playlist.

(via Highsnobeity)

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