Good Tunes Tuesday: Korey Dane – Heaven Won't Let Me In

We were first introduced to this lad by our friends over at Big Deal Music. We've been not-so-secretly obsessed ever since. Korey Dane's voice is equal parts velvety-smooth and gritty...which is hard to grasp until you listen to his music for yourself. He's got an old-school vibe for such a young talent.

“Korey Dane has made a career pairing treacly acoustic guitar with an open heart, but on his second solo album, Youngblood, the Long Beach, California-based folk singer hits a more semi sweet spot. Sounding more world-weary and worldly-wise than his twenty-five years, Dane has crafted a timeless-feeling collection of earnest Americana, due out October 9 on Innovative Leisure.

Grounded in acoustic guitars, the album’s opener “Jules Verne” and renegade love song “I’m Your Man” are foot-stomp worthy alt-country jams. But biting bitter standout “You’ll Be Had” and single “Let It Be Just For Fun” show off Dane’s deft, but simple lyrical skill, recalling a Gold-era Ryan Adams in effortless devastation, if not in the actual sound of the record. Accented with pedal steel guitar and charred guitar solos, the record is doused in Dane’s dreamy, sincere delivery, like an eleven-song heart to heart.”

Take a listen to him on our Spotify playlist.

(via Spin Magazine)

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