Good Tunes Tuesday: Chairlift's Ch-Ching

Chairlift's catchy-cool indie vibes are just what the doctor ordered after yesterday's seemingly-neverending Monday. Chairlift is based out of Brooklyn, New York, and this avant-garde band formed for the unusual purpose of making music for haunted houses, but eventually transcended into creating easy, relaxing indie music. The band started out as a duo, then a trio, then a duo again, but that didn’t keep them from slowing down.

Chairlift’s recent album, Moth, was inspired by New York City’s mix of futuristic, and sometimes horrible, new architecture on top of crumbling, Third World-looking buildings. To add, they also drew inspiration from the huge contrasts in the city’s diversity of the people and the income gap between the wealthy and the poor. Learning how to be a people in the middle of that, Chairlift kept it in mind and recorded this album.

Chairlift’s single, “Ch-Ching,” has been reworked countless times since they first debuted the song during the Pitchfork Festival 2013. They finally settled on a final cut of the single and released it in late 2015. Along with the single, they released a music video to complement and worked with a choreographer for the first time in their musical careers. Their reason for making a choreographed video was to place emphasis on the energy of the song rather than the lyrics.

To accompany the single, Chairlift released their new album, Moth, in 2015, which incidentally was titled after they considered the album to be a like a moth’s persona, vulnerable and relentless. According to them, moths are seldomly seen in New York City and they liked the idea of using it as a metaphor. This one's been on repeat for us over here, so sit back, relax, and listen up on our LAD Spotify playlist.

Team LAD