Good Tunes Tuesday: Birds of Tokyo's Lanterns

Tired of a particular bird after last weekend's Turkey Day festivities? How about the tremendously-talented Birds of Tokyo? We promise they won't induce a food coma. Birds of Tokyo is a five-piece Australian alternative rock band who came together in 2004. Formed to what was supposed to be a one-off songwriting collaboration between singer Ian Kenny and guitarist Adam Spark, it quickly transfused into a band that ascended to the top of the rock ranks in Australia.

This band claims that they took their name after reading an article about the absence of birds in Tokyo’s high density CBD due to pollution and overcrowding. The band felt that no birds in Tokyo was interesting enough for them to take claim as the “birds of Tokyo” themselves. Funny thing about the band name is that they later found out the report to be false. But hey, we all make mistakes sometimes.

After releasing a couple of EPs and touring Western Australia in 2006, the band returned to Melbourne and finished their debut album, Day One. The album was released in 2007 and debuted at number three in Australia’s indie album chart. Their big splash in Australia’s music scene spurred them into Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘Artists to Watch’ in 2007.

Our pick for Good Tunes Tuesday, “Lanterns,” was a single from their album March Fires, released in 2013. This single was certified Triple Platinum in the Australian charts and is still making noise today. The band since has won countless awards in their native Australia homeland and recently released their compilation album, Playlist, in 2015. Listen on our LAD Spotify playlist.

Team LAD