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Sam Larson features beautiful landscapes, animals, and people inspired by the American West. Larson is a freelance artist and designer based out of Portland, Oregon, hailing from Wisconsin. He is the creative mind behind his blog, Steel Bison, which is a wildly popular brand of Old West-inspired art and designs. His artwork has amassed a huge following on social media sites Twitter, Instagram, and Dribbble.

Larson’s huge success on social media helped him to launch his own online store where he sells stickers, prints, buttons, patches, apparel, and notebooks among other merchandise. He is the sole leader of his ecommerce website, handling everything from designing to sourcing suppliers, packaging, and shipping. With all of that business stuff to take of, his main calling and passion for his artwork draws inspiration from landscapes.

In an interview with Everyday Carry, the Western United States plays a huge role in shaping his art. He said, “If anyone has ever traveled through it, you understand why: the people, the landscapes, the animals. It’s a beautiful place.” He was originally based out of San Diego, California, but moved to Portland, Oregon, where he feels that it is a creative city filled with incredible artists. Besides getting his inspiration from his surroundings, he loves to collect old travel souvenirs like postcards, brochures, patches, and pennants from the early-mid 1900s.

People always ask Larson how his talents and abilities were formed, and what art supplies he uses to make his awe-inspiring artwork. His response is simple, ‘put in your 10,000 hours.’ Larson says that being a great artist doesn’t happen overnight, and no special pen or pencil will make art look more extrinsic than others.

Man do we love that attitude and his good 'ol Americana art that would never hurt nobody.

(via Steel Bison)

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