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This blog captures over 10,000 humans of New York with unique quotes and short stories of strangers in New York City. Authored by Brandon Stanton, he began his project in the summer of 2012 and set out to create an exhaustive catalog of New York City’s inhabitants, placing photographs on a map. Stanton’s goal from the beginning has been not to only depict the big span of New York’s population through photographs, but also depict the population function in terms of geography and their respective different and common characteristics, from borough to borough.

Along the course of his mission, it became into something bigger than what he expected to be and manifested itself into a blog that featured a person’s story and photograph. In an interview with The Village Voice, Brandon has explained the process of approaching random strangers to ask for a photograph to add to his large collection of New York City’s inhabitants. He stated, “the hardest part of what I’m doing is making somebody comfortable on the street. It’s not even necessarily the photograph that they’re uncomfortable about, it’s the spectacle.”

The one thing that determines whether or not a person allows Stanton to take their photo is in a form of a question: Did that person leave the house today with the intention of being seen? In the interview, Stanton claimed that “people tend to project their own self-image into your reasons for taking a picture of them.”

But knowing that, it did not stop it from becoming a successful project and a book was released in 2013 as a result called “Humans of New York Stories,” which became a New York Times Bestseller. With over eight million followers on social media, HONY now provides a worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City. Follow the link and get ready for an awe-inspiring, emotional rollercoaster.

Team LAD