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“Three girls came into my ER last night. I have no idea what they are and I am violating the shit out of HIPAA right now...

So I’ve been working at the same hospital for years now as a nurse in the ER. I’ve seen a lot of things, all kinds of horrific shit, blood and gore and just about every household item you can think of inserted into some guy’s rectum. I’ve seen limbs ripped off, I’ve seen intestines coming out… almost ten years working in an ER and you’re going to see a lot. You’re going to be hard to shake.

But last night something happened, some girls came in, and I’ve never been scared like this. I’ve never had that feeling of I have no fucking idea what’s going on with this patient the way I have with these three girls.

It was a sad, fucked up story to begin with. One of those men who gets off kidnapping girls and keeping them prisoner in his basement or his garden shed. Real sicko. But those poor three girls were found and rescued and brought right to us.

Now, my hospital isn’t that big. There’s about five of us who’ve been trained to take a rape kit, and there were two of us on duty for that last night. Me, and this new nurse named Laura. She’s maybe been with us six months. We were both paged to a set of examination rooms that were made up special for such a horrific occasion, put aside so they’re a little more private. They’re subtly different, the assault victim rooms. A little less sterile, a little more comfortable. With a few extra chairs for the cops to sit in while they interview the victim...”

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