Winter in the Urban Jungle: A Survival Handbook

It happens to millions of people every year, and it could easily happen to you. You wake to the frozen terrain of winter in the urban jungle. You open your closet. Are you prepared? Are your tools and equipment ready? Have you trained your body and mind?  Do you have the will to survive?

Do not give in to fear. Fear will lead to panic. Panic will lead to exhaustion. And this fatigue will reduce your odds of leaving home.

The urban jungle dweller must be able to navigate a hostile environment with ease, to use surprise to his advantage, and to conceal himself through intelligent use of camouflage. He must recognize instantly the call of disturbed traffic. He must analyze tracks converging at watering places or holiday gatherings and approach such areas with confidence. He must move through the darkness of Daylight Saving Time and be able to retrace his steps. Rely on the LAD Studio’s knowledge of jungle craft to master the winter wilderness, and conquer your daily goals in style.

Venture into your weekday winter battle with the Combat Trouser. Beautifully crafted from a Japanese wool blend to effectively prevent hypothermia, these pants are essential for your urban jungle surroundings. Classically sophisticated, they will impress at your office HQ, and then resist the harsh elements as you cut a trail through commuter crowds. Thoughtful details, such as an outer coin pocket, keep your survival packing organized.

Freezing rain might suddenly beat on the urban jungle canopy, turning sidewalks into slush. Violent storms may even occur. Take shelter inside a cultured coffee house wearing your vintage-inspired Hunting Coat. Part coat, part blazer, and all classic, this piece is the ultimate multipurpose survival gear. Wear it to amaze your boss, and then switch course to a holiday party, staying luxuriously warm in its Japanese wool blend.

The urban jungle weekend brings its own physical challenges and may require an improvised escape route. Visibility may be limited due to the density of holiday shopping herds. You may receive a distress call from your parents, requesting help with leaf raking or snow shoveling. Stay warm but mobile in the Sahara Shirt Jacket, crafted in a hearty Japanese wool blend. Simple and masculine, it is perfect no matter what the jungle throws your way. Remember: plan your moves and avoid dangerous swamps like department stores.

To master the urban jungle, you must develop "jungle eye." Look through the jungle, not at it, and find that clear space in the center of the subway car. When conquering winter tasks, like dragging home a Christmas tree or hauling cases of champagne, the Work Shirt will be your best friend. Its timeless Americana styling in Japanese cotton twill reminds us of classic 1950’s survival wear. Lace-up your winter boots, and get the job done.

Be strong, urban jungle dweller. With mental discipline, physical fitness, and survival gear from the LAD Studio, you will make it to that first day of spring. When the urban jungle looks bleak, remember the most important lesson of all: Never quit! The road is long, but your wardrobe can handle it.

Team LAD