Why We’re Obsessed with the Weekend (and the Weekend Chino)

Tick… Tick… Tick… It’s Friday, one minute to quitting time. Your eyes are locked on that second hand’s victory lap. Boy, that sucker is milking it. You pack up, power down, and finally set foot into the world a free man — there’s no greater joy. Well, life/after/denim has bundled that joy into the Weekend Chino.

Not to be confused with The Weeknd’s chinos — we keep all our vowels, and these chinos are exactly where you’ll want to keep your vowels over the next two days. Grab a glass of your favorite whatever, throw on a pair of these bad boys, and bask in their chino glory. The 100% peached cotton twill will make your overworked legs feel right at home. And like your favorite wine, this varietal will pair amazingly with just about anything.

Your Weekend Errands

Part of your weekend is always spent playing catch-up. When you need to get s//t done around the house, or go out and run some errands, throw on your favorite chino and effortlessly look good in their slim, tapered fit. With sand, olive, medium gray, terra cotta, blue agave, and black to choose from, there’s a colorway for every mood and activity.

On mild spring days, cap your chinos with a Short Sleeve Tee (available in adobe, blue agave, olive, pacifico, and white). This crazy soft 100% jersey cotton number will quickly become your favorite short sleeve layer. It’s straightforward with a no-nonsense style, just like you when you’re on a mission to check things off that to-do list.

Throw on the Cancun Striped Hoodie (available in heather grey and black) and flip up the hood to fight off a chilly day at the farmer’s market or make that pharmacy run incognito. In the hoodie you’ll be comfortable, but if you happen to run into a hottie, you’ll be clear for a safe and stylish approach.
Josh Rubin