Weekday Warriors: Meet the Bixi Trouser

If summer is about coasting, fall is about getting down to business. No one understands that better than a weekday warrior like yourself. You know who you are: You wake up to Kanye’s “Stronger”; you spend your commute powering-up on caffeine and strategizing your climb to the top; you hustle at work long past the traditional nine-to-five; and when you finally log off for the night, you’re off to networking drinks. If a 25th hour were added to the day, the Weekday Warrior would find a way to fill it.

Sure, your final destination is still be TBD, but that’s okay. For now just worry about reaching your daily destination—work. Your warrior routine may include slightly less bloodshed than Ivan the Terrible, Ghengis Khan, or Steph Curry, but you face countless battles nonetheless—for recognition at work, to be heard at the meeting, for that spot in the crowded elevator, or for a safe path in that narrow bike lane.

The wizened weekday warrior knows he better arm himself, and this fall we bring you the finest armor in the field: the Bixi Trouser—a weekday warrior for the weekday warrior, if you will.

Named for the Montreal bike sharing system, the first in a major city, the Bixi Trouser is for the lad whose life is forever in transit. Available in two neutral colorways and uffed at the ankle to avoid snagging, these cropped beauts will add a new spin to your daily grind whether you commute by plane, train, automobile, or foot.

Josh Rubin