Tips for Kicking off Your Spring Fling


As the frost melts outside, and the icing around your heart melts along with it, you naturally turn towards love... or at least mating. And while the beauties around you commence the world’s longest (and most poorly choreographed) striptease en route to summer, consider these helpful tips from life/after/denim to kick off your spring fling in style.

Pick the Perfect Activity for Your First Date

You’ve taken all the necessary steps to score your perfect date—the one they write about in romantic comedies. But unlike the protagonist in your favorite rom-com, you’re not going to mess yours up. First date locations can be tricky: you want the venue to communicate a little something about yourself, but you also want to be able to make a great escape if any red flags appear.

Pro-tip: Drinks or coffee offers a quick out (as fast as you can pound that latté) should you find yourself in the middle of an episode of MTV’s Catfish. Pick a spot that reflects your personality, and it’s a win-win. To ensure that you deliver on the promise of your profile pics, toss on an Alameda Shirt and arrive in style.

Own Your S//t

We all have flaws that make us who we are. Maybe your laundry pile is so big you’ve actually given it a name. Own it. Snort when you laugh? Own it. Unable to commit to a long-term relationship due to an upcoming mission to Mars? Own it. No lad is perfect, and that’s okay; the more openly you carry your baggage, the more likely you are to have a fun, drama-free spring fling.

When you’re not afraid to let it hang out, enjoy life/after/denim’s Short Sleeve League Henley. Whether you choose to button that baby up or leave it open, this handsome henley lets you own it.

Team LAD