Thanks, Dad!

Break out your greeting cards and make a brunch reservation: Father’s Day is this weekend. If you haven’t locked down your Father’s Day gift already (what are you waiting for?), check out our Father’s Day gift guide and use THANKS20 for 20% off any sale items.

It only takes a basic understanding of anatomy to become a dad, but it takes a lifetime of care and love to truly be a father. So on this Father’s Day weekend, I give thanks to my own dad, who always led with his heart.

Thank you. This one is for all of the Saturday mornings spent at a sports field. Sure, the coach might’ve preferred you take it down a notch, but nothing was going to stop you from loudly cheering me on. Win or lose, we celebrated each game with a trip to McDonald’s, and despite cursing me with terribly un-athletic genes, you were the greatest coach a kid could ask for (this side of Earl Woods).

Thank you. This one is for all of the rides to lessons, practices, tournaments, recitals, and everything between. And for every torturous ride to religious school, when you sweetened the deal with a coke and a package of hostess cupcakes (it’s a wonder my teachers didn’t kill me as I bounced around through those Hebrew lessons on a sugar high).

Thank you. This one is for all of the sacrifices you made to give me the best life possible. We might not have gone on crazy tropical vacations, but you made sure I got the best education possible. And you no doubt gave up a ridiculous summer house to make sure I had every orthodontic device known to man. You taught me the value of a good smile—and it’s become the calling card I always lead with.

Thank you. This one is for every time I reached for the stars and you built me a ladder to the sky. When I wanted my own video camera in high school, you made that a reality. You pledged to me then that you would always do your best to ensure I had “all the tools needed to succeed.” And you never let me down.

Thank you. This one is for all the life lessons you’ve taught me. You haven’t agreed with every decision I’ve made, but you’ve always been my biggest cheerleader.

Thank you. This one is for all the times I’ve caught myself repeating your classic jokes and adopting your quirks and mannerisms. I’ll admit, initially I was not excited to inevitably become my father, but now I’m proud to grow into the man I’ve always admired and loved.


Josh Rubin is a screenwriter, content creator, and artist from Connecticut. He’s a diehard Syracuse, Patriots, and Liverpool fan and lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Triumph.
Josh Rubin