Summer Cocktails: What to Wear While Getting Boozy


Summer has kicked into full effect, and suddenly just another boring drink won’t do. The sun’s out, and it’s time to be adventurous– and that means having fun with your drink order. When you’re ready to get fired up, life/after/denim has just the styles to keep you from looking sloppy even when you’re getting sloppy.


Originally prescribed in the 18th century for “sickness of the stomach,” the bourbon-based mint julep now goes hand-in-hand with the Kentucky Derby. The recipe is simple: Kentucky-style bourbon, mint, sugar, and crushed ice– a classic refresher for the summer. And while we don’t suggest donning a full seersucker suit every time you sip one, we do suggest dressing like a gentleman. The Tidal Tie is the perfect accent piece to marry your West Coast spirit with your Southern charm, whether you’re enjoying your julep at Churchill Downs or elsewhere.


Devised in the 1940’s and marketed as a way to sell vodka, the Moscow mule is made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, and is almost exclusively served in a copper mug– to keep your cocktail ice cold and your style distinctively cool. We recommend complementing the copper in a pair of our Deck Pant or Zuma Short in Blue Marine (for day drinking). The airy softness of the cotton twill will provide you maximum comfort as you kick back, Moscow style.


You dreamed of ordering one in 7th grade Spanish class (and you might’ve rolled the “r” a little too much), but now you enjoy this delicious tequila-based cocktail anytime you please. Whether frozen poolside, or on the rocks at a rooftop bar, margaritas are the star of any summer gathering. Announce your arrival in our Poppy Short Sleeve Shirt. The Hawaiian-style shirt features a pop art-inspired floral print in white and black; it’s the perfect way to stand out while enjoying your stay in Margaritaville.


Half cider, half beer, all man. You’re not complicated, and neither is your drink order. But don’t be fooled– this drink packs a BITE. The Shark Tank is the perfect way to show that you’re not messing around either; the horizontal stripes will be sure to draw attention to your gun show, on full display.


So you sampled all of the cocktails on this list last night, and now everything hurts. The sun shining through the cracks of your blinds isn’t going to quit, so you might as well rally and get something (back) in your stomach. The Bloody Mary is a staple of brunches, especially for those lads seeking to veer into the skid of a hangover. The Pique Short Sleeve Rugby offers bright and cheery summer colors (Blue Marine, Shade, White, and Windsurf) when you might not be feeling bright and cheery yourself. It’s a great way to hide your hangover while you refuel.

Team LAD