Sink or Swim - How To: Find Your Perfect Board Shorts


Let's be real–  the perfect board shorts are hard to find. Too many fall apart after just a few washes, sag in all the wrong places, or look more appropriate on a teenage skate enthusiast than on a grown man. The men’s swimwear struggle is real, but not impossible. With a little soul searching, you too can find a boardshort match made in heaven.

First, you’ll need to assess your overall beach vibe. What’s your goal here? Have you been hitting leg day for weeks just to show off those thighs on the playa? Are you a dad teaching your kids how to boogie board? Or are you just trying to sip a margarita and read GQ in peace? Believe it or not, all of this matters when you’re on the hunt for the elusive perfect pair of board shorts.


Don't front– you've been imagining this moment for months. You’ll waltz onto the beach, peel off your shirt as jaws drop, and take the perfect beach selfie for your Tinder profile. This summer, you're all about the sex appeal.

Celebrate your beach bod by picking shorter length, slim-fit boardshorts in an eye-catching pattern. Try the Oxeye Board Short. Featuring a stunning, hand-drawn floral and a flattering cut, it (and more importantly, you) won't go unnoticed– we promise.

Oxeye Board Short


Whether or not you have kids doesn't matter– if your ideal beach day involves manning the grill, enjoying a cold brew, tossing a frisbee, and taking a nap in the sand, you're the dad friend.

Your perfect board shorts are more conservative in fit, but extra fun in style. Find a bold print that says “I tell great jokes.” We recommend the Big Poppy Board Short– its bright contemporary print and longer cut are definitely Dad-approved. Pair this one with one of our Shark Tanks and you'll be on your way to casual cool.


When you go to the water, you do it right. You live for a luxurious cabana and a well-made mojito, and honestly, a nice pool is more your scene than the local beach.

Your perfect boardshorts are a cool combination of classic style and a touch of luxury. For those who prefer a shorter cut, we recommend the Seersucker Swim Trunk. Soft cotton and classic pinstripes make for a subtle and handsome poolside vibe. And if a longer cut is more your style, the Hookline Board Short is an excellent choice. Classic beach stripes are elevated to luxe by a leather-esque black wax drawstring, giving you the sophisticated look you deserve.

Hookline Board Short

So this summer, don't just grab the first pair of boardshorts you find on the rack. Do a little soul-searching, find the pair you really want, and then hit the beach!

Team LAD