Pants to Pitch and Get a Pitcher In


When you’re working hard towards your dream, you also need to find time to break free from the office grind and unwind. Summer’s almost in the rear-view, and pretty soon that post-work daylight will be no more; but that doesn’t mean you have to feel stuck in a Groundhog Day loop.

Make sure your trousers are ready to transition from your killer pitch meeting to your night out (because who has time to go home to change?) and reclaim the light in style at your favorite spots (or ours).

Sullivan Trouser in Black


Sure your pursuit of happiness is sapping up most of your funds and time, but you know the world has a lot more to offer than takeout and a Seinfeld rerun. While you might not be rolling in the Benjamins (yet), why not take a moment and treat yourself to a proper meal and catch up with an old friend? Enjoy sharing stories from the battlefront along with a pitcher of ale and quality grub at a gastro-pub. Our go-to is downtown foodie favorite Ford's Filling Station.

Enjoy your meal confidently wearing life/after/denim’s Sullivan Trousers in Black— they’re attention grabbers (the good kind) at work, and later, should any deliciousness spill onto your pants, it’ll blend right in.

Ryder Trouser in Yale Blue


You both swiped right, and after a few rounds of witty tête-à-tête, you’re ready to take this banter live. Sure, you may need to bail after realizing the only shred of self-awareness he or she possesses is knowing the perfect selfie angle, but in case your date is as good as (or even better than) advertised, make sure you pick a worthy setting. In LA, we love West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre for its delicious mojitos and margaritas and its rustic oasis vibe. Grab a couple of seats at the bar, and make sure your trouser game is on point.

Last year's fan favorite Ryder Trouser is back in a cool Yale Blue. They’re the statement pair that say, “I’m a risk taker” to your boss and “I’m a wild card,” to your date (in a bust-a-spontaneous-dance-move kind of way).

Sullivan Trouser in Blue Blood


You’ve toiled away in anonymity for months, working your tail off and laughing at your boss’ lame jokes. Or maybe you’ve thrown every penny into your brilliant start-up. Ninja your way to success in the Sullivan Trouser in Blue Blood– they’re stealthily unassuming, with a killer look. And when your hard work has finally paid off, round up your coworkers and friends, announce you’re “Mr. Manager” now, and celebrate with the panache befitting your elevated status.

We like to toast good fortune at local spot Wood & Vine. The dining room’s vintage feel harkens back to classic Hollywood, and the patio out back is the perfect oasis to toast your success with a perfectly stirred martini.

Team LAD