Microprints: Why We Love Them & Why You Should Too

When summer comes around, you feel it. The urge to leave the office just a little bit early, spend time drinking an ice cold sweet tea on the porch, or take a long drive down the coast.

With this change in attitude comes a necessary change in style. Lighten up your wardrobe and celebrate the season with prints created especially for this summer state of mind. At life/after/denim, we live for microprints. Scaled down versions of your favorite patterns, microprints are cool, sophisticated and wonderfully minimalist. Believe it or not, bigger is not always better. Here’s our picks for the best microprints of the season:

The Rincon: Featuring a modern palm microprint, this contemporary take on the classic Hawaiian is undeniably cool. Its soft cotton lawn and Bakelite buttons add touches of luxury that any beachgoer will appreciate. Named after one of Southern California’s classic surf spots, this shirt embodies a carefree attitude you can rock all summer long.

The Oxeye: This one’s a show stopper when you’re in the mood to stand out. Inspired by classic Japanese floral artwork, the Oxeye is subtle yet eye catching -- perfect for any summer event. Nothing says “confident, creative, and ready to kick back with a piña colada” like a masculine floral.

The Wasteland: All caught up in the succulent craze? So are we. Wear your cactus-love on your sleeve with this unique summer print, hand-drawn by our very own designers. There are only a few of these favorites left, so pick one up soon.

The Tidal: There’s no better way to coast through summer than by rocking a surfer microprint. Available in two different colorways – a classy white and a vibrant blue marine – this one-of-a-kind shirt can be rocked in infinite ways. Bonus? Its light cotton poplin will keep you cool no matter where the tide takes you.

When the summer mood hits you, don’t hold back. Pick the print that’s perfect for your summer vibe, and watch the compliments roll in.

Team LAD