Meet the Parents in Style

So, good news– you’ve booked your holiday travel to meet…your significant other’s parents. There’s nothing quite like it, so you’ll want to meet the occasion in style. How, you ask? Here are the essentials fit for travel, the holiday season and yes, meeting the parents.


Nothing will help you look the part more than crisp style essentials. Versatility and comfort are also key in nearly any situation, and they should be top-of-mind particularly when traveling. Coming from someone who’s on the road a lot– often back-to-back weekends– I try to pack as many easily wearable pieces as possible. These are clothes that I don’t have to think twice about– and they’ve come in handy when trying to impress the parents.

For a crisp look that works on the road and at a family dinner, a classic Oxford shirt is a foolproof style move. Try a two-tone that cleans up well on its own untucked, or underneath a weather-ready sweater. A rustic shawl-collar cardigan is hearty enough for spending a weekend at the family cabin and sharp enough to pair with an Oxford for a holiday party. If you don't already have these staples in your closet, try LAD's Windom Oxford Shirt and Alps Sweater...they'll go the distance.



For even more versatility and layering options, it’s tough to beat a luxurious crewneck sweater. We’re talking about a sweater that’s going to fight the chill and serve as a much better conversation starter than politics at the family cocktail hour. Of course, you’ll need a refined-yet-easygoing shirt to layer under said sweater. A plaid shirt in a dark pattern is a casual, crisp piece that serves as a reliable layer no matter the occasion.

In fact, LAD’s Beacon Shirt fits the bill nicely on the shirting front.

You can’t go wrong with durable, comfortable, brushed cotton twill chinos, For a day of travel and an evening giving gifts, there’s nothing more appropriate.You don’t yet have chinos in your suitcase? Fear not– try LAD’s Freestyle Chino in New Khaki on for size.



If you still need casual downtime staples, grab a neutral henley. A pick with masculine style details– like raglan sleeves– works under an Oxford shirt, or on its own. You could also layer up with something more unique, like a subtly stylish, tailored zip hoodie that’s a significant upgrade from your old college one. If you’re not already covered, LAD’s Hybrid Henley and Holmen Hoodie checks all of those boxes.

With a suitcase full of clothes that look this great, you’ll only have to worry about one thing: Impressing your significant other’s parents. No sweat, right??

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Beau Hayhoe is a Brooklyn-based style blogger and writer. His work has appeared on a variety of men's style sites, including The Manual, Effortless Gent & Dappered. In his spare time, you can find him front row at a concert or sipping on craft beer -- sometimes all at once.

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