Meet Our Made in LA Collection

From the Hollywood sign to Muscle beach – and through all of the traffic in between – LA gets high off its own smog (as perfectly expressed in Randy Newman’s classic anthem, “I Love LA”). While it’s widely known as the entertainment capital of the world, LA is also the hometown of life/after/denim and, lucky for us, some of the finest fabric manufacturers and dye houses in the world.

In our plot to take over your wardrobe, we’ve found that producing designs in our own backyard comes with inherent benefits. By working with local businesses, we cultivate deeper, more personal relationships with our manufacturers and community, help our neighbors thrive, and promote domestic job growth. It’s a win for us – and you – too, because when we stay close to home, we can be more hands-on; we can ensure that our clothes look and feel as good on you as they did in our designs. (Think farm-to-table for clothes). And that’s where fabric comes in…

We choose our fabrics based on four primary factors:


We recognize that looking good and feeling good are not mutually exclusive, so it should come as no surprise that we favor softer textures. Our Long Sleeve Club Crew, for example, is made in LA with 100% cotton slub (more on that below) jersey that’s soft enough to wear to bed, but stylish enough to wear anywhere you go before bed.


How you dress should be an expression of your personality, not the personality of every other dude at the bar. You’re a peacock; shake those tail feathers! We choose our fabrics to embrace the unique lads who wear them, and we know that if the fabric itself doesn’t look good, the garment doesn’t have much chance of looking good either.  The slub texture found in our homegrown Pocket Tee is a prime example. Not to be confused with what your girlfriend calls you when you don’t shave (schlub), slub refers to yarn that has been spun in varying thicknesses to give it a "high-lo" effect. This weave elevates our Pocket Tea, making it your favorite tee, not just-another-tee.


Our fabrics look and feel good, but we make sure they’re made of the good stuff too. We prefer natural fibers, like 100% cotton, to synthetic ones.


Unlike your Aunt Ethel’s fire red bob, our dye jobs stun in the best way. We select fabrics that take our dyes like a champ, to make sure you don’t look like a chump. You can see the vibrancy and beauty of our dye process in our Short Sleeve V-Neck. It’s LA-born in colors like lavender, ahi, black, and light blue, so your shirt can be the perfect complement to whatever color kicks you’re rocking.

Team LAD