Look Good on Your Cold (or Warm) Weather Commute


Whether your commute is a subway ride through New York City, a palm tree-lined cruise through Santa Monica, or a bumper-to-bumper nightmare on the freeway, getting to work can be it’s own grind. You’ve put your summer toys away for the year, but don’t pack away your sense of style too. Even your trip to work is its own adventure, and as long as you’re putting in the effort to get there, why look like your style called in sick when you arrive?

For the Mad Dash to the Subway

Your buddies decided to prank you by changing your phone alarm to some soothing Enya song, and instead of jolting you awake, it lulled you back to sleep for an extra hour of REM. So now you’re late and sprinting to the subway, dodging the slow-walkers and any other obstacles that stand in your way.

You will be on time and look good, obstacles be damned! life/after/denim’s Collegiate Cardigan (available in blue blood and heather charcoal) is an easy layer to throw on before huffing it across your hood, and you’ll still look effortlessly put together when you arrive.

Your Cruise Down Ocean Avenue

You’ve got your ear buds in and the tunes are cranking, as you pedal your sky blue beach cruiser down Ocean Avenue (another sunny day in sunny SoCal). Sure, you have to check over your shoulder every few blocks for a crazy driver, but this is L-I-V-I-N-G.

Whatever your GPS coordinates, life/after/denim’s Far East Shirt (available in blue blood and Ivy League) is the button-down to reach for when you want it to look like you put way more time into choosing your outfit than you actually did. Made of 100% cotton poplin, its chambray trim and cuffs prove that not all button downs are created equal.

Stuck in Traffic

Death, taxes, and rush hour traffic— they’re the things in life that you just can’t avoid. So flip down your sunglasses, turn up your favorite podcast, and settle in— you might be in your car for a while. life/after/denim’s Classic 5-Pocket Pants are styled in 100% cotton cavalry twill.

Their soft finishing makes for an amazingly breathable fabric, which comes in handy when the stress of traffic makes it hard for you to breath yourself. The button-fly will help you keep your pants on, as the drivers around you lose their s//t.

Arriving in Style

You’ve finally made it to work, and while your commute felt like a real-life version of disaster movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, you can’t let your boss see you sweat. That’s easier said than done, considering you had to literally leap across a crumbling bridge.

life/after/denim’s Varsity Cardigan is a sophisticated, stylish way to hide those sweat stains. This one is a thicker alternative to the Collegiate Cardigan, toss this on just about any shirt, crew, or v-neck and watch as your business casual game hits a new high.

Team LAD